Ready player one!

So, it’s been widely spoken about for quite some time, the second Pop! Goes the Culture event under the CGI Con brand here on the Isle of Wight… Now, I’m a bit of a modest gamer, when I say modest, I mean, city tycoons and driver games are about as far as I go nowadays… However, I used to love my Tekken, Doom, Zonic, Tony Hawks and Colin Mc Rae Rally from Play Station 1, PS2 and the old dial-up PC’s!! (I still have my Play Stations!)

But the folk who turned out for this years CGI Con event this April went ALL-THE-WAY! Wow, the Cosplayers were out in force and me being me, I couldn’t tell you who any of them were, What?! I’m being honest!! The event as a whole was incredible, very fun, (Even with my limited knowledge of what everything was!)

Huxley, the one, the only and the incredibly awesome was on stage and livened the crowds up at the very beginning of the morning, pulling his normal hilarious pranks on the unwitting audience! This chap can truly liven up any room!

His suit was also incredibly, um, well suited for the occasion aswell! Check out all those colours! Huxley Magic performs at venues across the Isle of Wight, parties, events, stand up routines and so much more!



Listening to the Tori Ellen Ross interview was great! To hear from someone so young who grew up, right here on the Isle of Wight talking about acting alongside some pretty awesome world-renowned actors in her first film – Fighting with my family – was absolutely amazing… This young lady grew up in Freshwater and attended local Island dance and acting schools before her agent managed to get her into this big time movie!

During her interview with Alex Watts, she spoke about how it felt to be on the big screen for the first time, how it was being around the huge stars that she acted alongside and showed us all a few photos from on and off the film set. Of course, Alex was ever the professional trying to get secrets out of Tori about the up and coming Game of Thrones as Tori acted alongside the one and only Queen Cersei!



All in all the day was a great day out with lots of entertainment, some amazing businesses from around the Island were all on site and being supported by CGI Con… Sizzle Sisters were feeding the masses, the Wight Knight was signing autographs and various comic related businesses sold their stuff to the waiting crowds!

One of the organisers – Matt – Said “I honestly believe the venue worked well, we like using Cowes Enterprise College, we were happy with the turnout, a big improvement on Pop 1! Wait for bigger and better things to come in future events!”

Alex was biting at the bit to reveal secrets about future events but we just couldn’t get it out of him… So, until next time!

Kai Davis,

My novice review of CGI Con, Isle of Wight, April 2019.